Visual Development

The Vis Dev team creates the look of the film. This Dev artists work under art directors and product designers. And together they develop the style, color and overall artistic approach to each and every sequence. Everything has to be designed from major characters to the smalles of props. Every single location anything visual for the film.

Early on Vis Dev artist work on bleu sky exploration where their ideas can help inspire the writers and storyboard artist later on production they work on color keys and lighting keys. They create very specific designs to be modeled from, and they create paintings to show how those models should be surfaced. They also do matte paintings to be used in the backgrounds of films in areas that aren't modeled or you might have a specific matte painter for that job.  Visual Development artist do drawings and paintings in photoshop and some even 3D modeling in maya and blender.

Character design

Character desing is simply a summary of character you want to create design that you have conceived for a movie or game.

A character desinger or character artist creates the enire concept, style, and artwork of a character from scratch. This often includes a deep look into the character's personality to develop a visual idea of the Character's physical features.

Creating an entire character from scratch human or otherwise takes a lot of creative energy. That't why the progress of character desing is very complex and is often one of the most soughter-after careers for aspring


Animation and sculping Olaf. 2-2-22

Backgrounds and props

 A fantasy house with a bear head who doesn't want that.

Props are small to large key props that you need to finish for the movie. they are for example houses, books, banks, food ect...