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Hi my name is Selina and i did an internship at Eydenberg in Westzaan in the Netherlands. I have been able to enjoy the art that they make of beautiful interiors and furniture for nine weeks.


I have had the opportunity to do/learn many different things at Eydenberg. from painting to gluing carpentry to designing, it's all possible here!


Below you can see my projects I've been working on.

Here's one of the projects I'm most proud of. This was for the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam.

Krutzmann frame making is a frame making business in Castricum. They make the most beautiful frames here for many companies and artists. I've had many opportunities to work on my own lists and projects. It is quite a small company with a total of about 14 employees. I learned a lot of special painting techniques and gilding here.

I have learned a lot at this company. first of all framing it is not as easy as it seems so much needs to be done to get it nice and free of dust. I have learned to saw rods nicely from a distance and to assemble them neatly. I then learned a lot of painting techniques and also learned how to gild.

In this period I have framed artworks worth up to $3500 which is insane. It is of course very important that everything has to look right. There must be no scratches or cracks in the glass and the back cardboard must not contain any seeds. Sawing, I was also allowed to do a lot of sawing glazing beads and of course the rods for the frames. I have learned many new techniques for myself, including framing an Ajax t-shirt, which requires a special sewing technique. That is sewn to the backing board.


I had the opportunity to do an internship at this great company for twenty-three weeks. Mulhouse is an interior styling company for companies and individuals. I have been able to do many things here, from picking out decorations to accompanying customer conversations to putting up lights, for example.