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SR Horses

Hobbyhoring what?

SR hobbyhorses is my own company that I started in 2020. It is a unique small-scale one-man company where I make hobbyhorses for every child who wants one of my own. I often make assignments for, for example, horses that children have invented themselves. My company has grown quite big I get commissions and that's why I'm very busy with this work.

Hobbyhorsing is not a metaphor, nor indeed the repurposing of some veterinarian-standard tranquiliser by the nightclubbing youth of today. It is, in fact, the act and art of riding a rudimentary toy horse – a toy that is, to put it bluntly, a stuffed fabric horse's head attached to a stick.

In Finland, the beginnings of its modern popularity among young girls stands as something of a mystery, though it is known that for some while the community flourished secretly online. Today, there are not just practitioners but coaches, competitions, judges. Enthusiasts assign their horses names, breeds and genders, and along the usual displays of cantering, trotting and galloping, meetings will cover everything from in-depth discussions of grooming, bloodlines, temperament

If this seems an unlikely pursuit for pubescent girls in an age of Snapchat, Fortnite and BTS, it’s worth considering that hobbyhorsing is on the rise, having already spread to Sweden, Russia and the Netherlands.

My Horses

Here you can find all information about the prices of my Hobbyhorses. It all depends on the fabric hair and size.

Horses Price
Fleece $ 85
velboa $ 95/100
other $100/130