In and next to my studies I also make furniture. From tables to chairs from bars to laptop stand you can call me ;)

Giant letter for wedding!

If you want to shine at your wedding, do so right away with your decor! This projets was for a teacher of mine who was getting married . On these projects I collaborated with a classmate to see her shine on her special day.


I made myself a bar last summer. It conceived and drawn up the design and construction itself. I then prepared the materials so that I could assemble everything together. I opted for a coarse wall of scaffolding wood of different types of wood, just because of the thickened bench and it is beautiful. So it is reused.


For our school assignment in the 1st period of school we had to make a bedside table and design and elaborate it ourselves. I opted for a modern with an antique look.

Wood is always good!

This is not a wooden wall but a wooden kitchen. This is an assignment that I have been working on during my intership period. I find it terrible myself and would never want it but for my own home.

Laptop stands